And….the mission ends.

And so it begins.

My last week as a missionary.

Phew. That’s a little overwhelming when I say it like that. Yikes.

I’m kinda going out on a limb here but…any advice? ha…ha.

I was reading some really old emails that talked about my first days in Canada and my MTC experiences…and I was astonished about how much I have grown. I really have found out who I truly am and who I want to be for the rest of…eternity! I have gained a true testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that God is real and that his son, Jesus Christ is our Saviour! Man. If I came on a mission just to learn that, it would have been enough.

I have been so honored to see many souls come unto Christ!

Zelda-March 31, 2013
Emmy-June 29, 2013
Breanna-July 16, 2013
Pedro-November 23,2013
Frank-November 23,2014
Max-January 26, 2014
Janet-February 16,2014
Norm-February 16, 2014
Ethan-March 1, 2014
Shekeya-March 20, 2014
Navi-April 20, 2014

They all have special places in my heart. Eternal friendships have been made, and I do plan on being in their lives forever…unless they don’t want me to be…well…TOO BAD. 🙂 I shall always remember them and their wonderful smiles, personalities, and personal testimonies of Jesus Christ.

I’ve been able to work with the Simcoe Branch, Kitchener-Waterloo Ward, and the Mississauga Ward in the work of Salvation. I’ve been able to make friends that I never would have known before. I am so eternally grateful for them.

I’m grateful for the people that I have met that have rejected the gospel. They helped me grow my testimony and helped me realize exactly why I was on a mission.

I came on a mission to love… To learn how to show people my love, and how to show God that I love him. I learned how to love myself. And most importantly, I learned how to love the Gospel. What a beautiful opportunity that I have had to grow spiritually and emotionally.

I love…everyone! And…believe it or not…I will see you soon!

Sister Hannah Colvin


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