9 new investigators!

Hey everyone! 

This week has been super awesome! I guess we can start at the beginning! 
We had the Spanish Sisters, Hermana Dudley and Hermana Guerra move in with us! They’ve been experiencing some problems with their apartment…and so here they are! It’s just like Kitchener all over again! Except instead of 2 sisters breaking out randomly in Mandarin Chinese…they break out randomly in Spanish! Hermana Dudley went to BYU-I and studied…Music! Vocal Performance! She isn’t going back there when she finishes her mission…but she is a fellow Idahoan! Her family lives in Boise! And her brother worked at Journeys! Crazy Connections! Hermana Guerra is from Peru…and such a fiesty Latina! I love her! I know understand how people from South America really act. Best quote from her: *in a thick Spanish Accent* “Sister…why you leave the bread out? The people will eat it…!” (in reference to me leaving the bread on the counter!) So hilarious. Getting 4 girls ready in the morning within a hour still proves as difficult as ever. 
We were blessed to find 9 new investigators this week! That is a huge number and we have been so happy these past few days! The Lord is definitely blessing this area and this companionship! I’ve been really lucky to stay here in this area and see it progress! 
Anyways, I love you all! I hope that you have a fantastic week and that you keep enjoying the sunshine! 
Sister Colvin 

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