The Gift of Wheels

Hey everyone! What a crazy week! 

First of all, we received a call from the mission vehicle coordinator earlier this week…this was the dialogue…. 
Elder Green: “Sister Colvin and Sister Ormond! I have a present for you!” 
Sister Colvin: “No way, Elder Green! What is it?” 
Elder Green: “It has 4 wheels and drives! I have a car for you!” 
Elder Green: “Excuse me? What?” 
Sister Colvin: “Don’t listen to Sister Ormond! *chuckles* Are you teasing us right now, Elder Green?” 
Elder Green: “Absolutely not. I will have the assistants drive it to you today. I thought of you when we had a car open up. I know that you’ve been having a hard time with the buses lately. So…happy trails! Have a good day!” 
Sister Ormond and Colvin: “THANK YOU, ELDER GREEN!” 
And…after that phone call….
We then proceeded to dance throughout our apartment, laughing giddily the entire time. It was a very happy day in the life of Sister Hannah Colvin! 
We have been really working on making our ESL program more “spiritually friendly” and inviting all of the students there to come to church and to progress in the Gospel. ESL is always such a blast. I really have loved teaching it, especially on this last part of my mission! I feel I am more able to concentrate on what they need and how to help them get that! The craziest quote from Bob, a student at ESL this week was, “What does the word promiscuous mean?” The saddest part? We didn’t even know how to explain it to him…and turned to a 78 year old Indian man, who answered it perfectly. Oh. The Life of a missionary. 🙂
We actually don’t have a lot of time today because…we are going to go and play sports with the zone! 
I love you all so much! 
Sister Colvin 

9 new investigators!

Hey everyone! 

This week has been super awesome! I guess we can start at the beginning! 
We had the Spanish Sisters, Hermana Dudley and Hermana Guerra move in with us! They’ve been experiencing some problems with their apartment…and so here they are! It’s just like Kitchener all over again! Except instead of 2 sisters breaking out randomly in Mandarin Chinese…they break out randomly in Spanish! Hermana Dudley went to BYU-I and studied…Music! Vocal Performance! She isn’t going back there when she finishes her mission…but she is a fellow Idahoan! Her family lives in Boise! And her brother worked at Journeys! Crazy Connections! Hermana Guerra is from Peru…and such a fiesty Latina! I love her! I know understand how people from South America really act. Best quote from her: *in a thick Spanish Accent* “Sister…why you leave the bread out? The people will eat it…!” (in reference to me leaving the bread on the counter!) So hilarious. Getting 4 girls ready in the morning within a hour still proves as difficult as ever. 
We were blessed to find 9 new investigators this week! That is a huge number and we have been so happy these past few days! The Lord is definitely blessing this area and this companionship! I’ve been really lucky to stay here in this area and see it progress! 
Anyways, I love you all! I hope that you have a fantastic week and that you keep enjoying the sunshine! 
Sister Colvin 

Great week! Finishing the mission in Mississauga!

Hey everyone! 

I really have no time to write this week, but suffice it to say that I am happy! 
We found out this week that we are both staying in Mississauga! There is so much work to do here, and I am super excited to see it go forward! Nothing much else happened this week besides…
I broke my finger…I slammed it under a bench seat. And then I sat on it. Bad news bears. But, at least I can feel it now! 🙂 
We bused all week. That was such an adventure…kinda. We got lost 6 times and accidentally bused into Toronto. 
All of our investigators dropped us. Oh well. They weren’t ready, I guess. 
We ran out of food on Sunday night so we made a concoction of brown rice, soy sauce, black beans, a 2 year-old can of vegetable soup, salsa, and salt. It was probably one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten in my life. 
We went on exchanges this week. I went with Sister Stoddard–a fellow Rexburgian. 
We saw Elder Perkins, Sister Burton, Elder Holland, and President Eyring in a special broadcast to all of Canada for Stake Conference. That was really neat! 
Sister Ormond rolled down a hill and fell into a gigantic mud puddle. 
I seriously could not be more happy right now! And I am so grateful that I can be a missionary. And…I’m not even being sarcastic right now! It’s been a week full of laughs, joy, and really hard work. I love being a missionary! 
Sister Colvin