Missionary work while emailing…

So. Guess what. I got to talk to my family yesterday! It was super bittersweet because I won’t see my brother (Adam) for like…ever. But, it was still super awesome to be able to see people’s expressions and see their cute faces! It is so crazy, because I will be home in no time and be able to see them 24/7. Gah. Time is just moving way too fast for me! But, I have come to realize that it is all in God’s timing! Not ours! 🙂 

We were blessed this week to find 2 new investigators! Our area has been struggling recently with finding some more people to teach, and these 2 were literally just put into our lap. I was super grateful that we were able to find them. They are really prepared! 
Cool story just now! This lady just gestured me over at the library and told me that she  believes in Christ as well! She said she saw my name tag and wanted to ask me more about “my church”. So….what do I do? Just share the whole restoration with her. She told me that she is a staunch catholic and that she will never change, but she loves reading and studying more of the word of God. Book of Mormon anyone? Anyways, it was just really neat to be able to share my testimony with her. Man. Missions are really just so cool. 
Anyways, I better run. Just know that I love you all so much! Keep strong, happy, and smiling! Love you! 
Sister Colvin 

One thought on “Missionary work while emailing…

  1. Sister Colvin, I can relate, my brother and I overlapped a lot so it was about 3.5 years before we saw each other! And back then, no phone calls, let alone skype! Bro. Shiley

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