Pride and the Canadian Bus System

Dearest family and friends, 

Here’s a funny story. You ready? Okay! 
As you all know, transfer calls were last night. We didn’t get a call. We were SO happy. Everything was going to be awesome, we set some pretty legit transfer goals, and we were PUMPED! We were sitting in companionship study this morning…and we get a text message. It was the Assistants to the President…giving us our travel plans. What?! We weren’t being transferred…right? Turns out that they had forgotten to call us and that we were having some transfer movement. I was so frustrated and upset…but then I got over it really quickly. What else could I do, right? So the news is…Sister Rogers is leaving! She will be going to Hamilton Mountain West and I will be staying in Mississauga South. Sister Ormond will be coming here. It should be a good transfer. It’s just been a super stress-filled morning of uncertainty. Oh well. It will be more calm soon. 
Navraj was baptized on Sunday! Her story has truly filled me with hope in God’s plan for each of us. It truly has been a blessing to have labored with her in her journey to be baptized by someone holding the real priesthood on the earth. Whoa. I think I’m starting to sound kinda like an intense missionary. haha. Sorry! 🙂 
Let me tell you about the bus system and my pride. Seriously…the Lord is trying to humble me. I wore heels yesterday (for the baptism) and didn’t realize that we wouldn’t be going home until 9PM at night. And the buses were on the holiday/Sunday schedule…which means they do not come as often. My feet were KILLING me and it was really cold (and I didn’t have a coat). And now, (this is where my pride comes in) Sister Rogers wanted to call the Chinese Elders (Elder Mangum and Elder Lee) to come and give us a ride home. I said “No. We are big girls. We can figure this out on our own.” Sister Rogers was like, “Okay…can I call Navraj?” and of course I said yes…but she really called the Elders. And they came and picked us up…and rescued us from the craziness of downtown Mississauga. They are awesome. Seriously. But, I also learned that pride and the bus system…do NOT go together. 
We are also teaching a super stubborn old man named Patrick. He has met with missionaries for YEARS and hasn’t really made any progress until…we started to meet with him! He admitted this week that Joseph Smith…*might* have been a Prophet of God. Haha. Miracles happen. 
Food of the Week: Indian Samosas…they are DELICIOUS! 
Quote of the Week: “The Haka? It’s like the hula…for guys!” -Sister Colvin “Portuguese…is a really different country!” -Sister Rogers 
Anyways, I love you all this week and I hope that you enjoy this beautiful weather! Love you! 
Sister Colvin 

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