Navi’s Miracle


Are you ready for a story?
This weekend has been the most dramatic weekend of my mission.
Let me explain. I hope I can explain it smooth enough to follow. 
Pre-information: To be divorced in Canada you need to…be separated for an entire  year from your former spouse.THEN you are allowed fill out piles of divorce paperwork as usual..and then both parties sign it and then it goes into the courts and it is a “waiting game” to have it be officially notarized by the government. Process time: about 2 years. 
Navi was introduced to the gospel by her boyfriend Jacob (returned missionary). She is also divorced…or at least she has been 1. separated for an entire year 2. filled out ALL the paperwork 3. both parties have signed and she is waiting for the “stamp” to make it completely official. We told this information to the district leader to go to the zone leader to go to the assistants to go to the President (the process) to get approval for her to STILL keep dating her boyfriend because she is legally not married but just has no stamp.
Saturday: We were told by the Zone Leaders very blatantly that Navi could not date her boyfriend because her divorce was not “final”… They said her options were to 1. break up with her boyfriend for 6 months until the divorce has the stamp or 2. carry on with the church. Sister Rogers and I thought “Well that’s dumb that she would have to break up with him.” We did not feel right in calling her,had no peace/closure whatsoever, and could not tell her to do something like that when we did not believe it ourselves.
So after gathering up as much courage as we could- which included crying from fear on Sister Rogers part- we decided to call the President directly…In the Canada Toronto Mission there are 300 missionaries. Not following the chain of command is NOT a good idea. We ended up talking to him for 30 minutes that night. We felt much better after and we felt at peace for calling her about the situation. 
Navi was very understanding. She was disappointed but she said that it meant more to continue with the church. We were shocked. She was already planning to go to the states the next day to see him so she said she would talk to him in person about it. 
They are thinking about getting sealed in the temple eventually so we were pretty scared.
Sunday: Sister Rogers and I decided to fast for her papers to go through. 
So… we called Navi with her boyfriend there- he was peeved. They explained the situation with more detail and on one hand they were kind and understanding. They explained that if it was necessary for them to hold off on their relationship for that long then they would, but they would prefer not to. On the other end, they would not take a simple no which we totally understood how they felt because it was those feelings that made us jump to calling president Scott directly. So we felt that they needed the same closure….
……so what did we do? yikes. We gave them the Presidents phone number. Although it went against all protocol- we felt they needed to hear it from him. We were terrified but loved her enough to do so. Navi ended up having 2 conversations with him where he interviewed her a little bit, understood her sincerity and honesty, and heartfelt desire to do the right thing- and realizing then that both parties had signed the papers and it was in the courthouse………. HE SAID SHE WAS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And that she could date her boyfriend, still. And he also was not mad at us. Hallelujah. Praise be. 
President Scott will make exceptions sometimes for things, but never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever for the Law of Chastity. This was an ultimate exception and I can not write in words my gratitude for the Lord in answering our fast and prayers. BLOWS MY MIND. Navi recognized how much we had to fight and the courage we had to let her talk to the President herself. but it was alllll worth it 🙂 
You can see how prepared Navi already was by being separated for that year and the papers in the court house. When Heavenly Father wants someone to get baptized…he totally makes that happen. 
Crazy weekend. MIRACLES HAPPEN! Navi will be baptized on Easter, this Sunday! 
Nothing much else is happening in Mississauga. We are (enjoying?) the bus systems…and finding our way around. 
Transfers are next week! Can you even believe that 6 weeks has already come and gone? Life definitely goes by fast. 
I love you all! Happy Easter! 
Sister Colvin 

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