A great couple of weeks…

Okay, everybody. Calm down. I’m alive. 

 I’m sorry that it’s been a few weeks since you’ve heard from me. There has been some crazy junk going on! I will try and let you know all about my new area, companion, and investigators as best as I can! 
1. Mississauga South! Let’s just say that we live in downtown Mississauga = a lot of people and a lot of funny stories. We live in a high-rise apartment building that has one bedroom and that always smells like Indian Food. We have a clear view to these two buildings–that I guess are pretty famous? They call them the “Twisty Towers” (or the “Marilyn Monroe buildings”…if you’re not a missionary…haha). There are a multitude of foreign grocery stores around us that we shop regularly at on our Preparation Day. I’ve met people from over 60 different countries…and I don’t think that will settle down anytime soon. We will be losing the blessing of having a car this week, and will be moving to the busing system! We will be able to talk to a lot more people and to be able to constantly be planning on when to have appointments, etc. It should be really interesting. Hopefully it gets a little bit warmer soon…so that WE DON’T DIE OF BEING COLD ALL THE TIME. 🙂 Hehe. The ward is very supportive of missionaries…as in…we have 4 sets of us! It makes for some fun moments and a whole lot of confusion when it comes down to who we can and who we can’t visit in the ward. It’s a little frustrating at times, but I’m learning how to have more patience with people and their actions. I really like a lot of things about this area. And let’s face it, the things that I don’t like about this area…the Lord will teach me to like! 🙂 We also post Kijiji ads (think…EBAY) and so we get quite a few referrals for people wanting free bibles, etc. It’s fun to *almost* be a technology missionary. 🙂 
2. Sister Rogers = My new companion! She is from Sammamish, Washington–just outside of Seattle! She is a dancer and is absolutely so funny! She went to BYU and got accepted to the Nursing Program right before she came on her mission. She is probably…the nicest person that I have ever known. She legitimately has no unselfish desires and would never do anything to hurt anybody. She is very selfless and has a really good heart. I like being her companion. We get along really well and we have the same goals in life–which makes conversations a whole lot easier! 🙂 
I guess there is really no other “information” that you would want about the area, BUT we have had some awesome experiences in the last couple weeks that have really helped me grow! Here we go…
1. Elder David A. Bednar, Bishop Dean M. Davies, and 2 members from the Quorum of the Seventy came and instructed this mission. Just imagine the spirit in that room. Over 300 Missionaries, that had all fasted to receive answers and revelation for themselves and their investigators, an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, and other inspired men from the Lord that were given inspiration on how to  direct this mission. What a once in a lifetime opportunity! I truly did gain knowledge on how to more effectively direct my life. I really did feel the Spirit so strong! It was an incredible experience. 
2. THE TEMPLE…I GOT TO GO.I was so excited to go!  I hadn’t been able to go to the temple in over a year. I really did forget how much of a beautiful place it really is. It truly is a house of the Lord. I made a promise to myself that I would attend the temple as often as I could when I get home. It is something that I hope to accomplish. We truly do make covenants with the Lord when we enter into his temple. 
3. Miracle Investigator! 
So. Let me tell you about…Navraj. Think…Zelda…times 10. Let me tell you her story…thus far. 
a-We called a referral from Kijiji named Lily. She had requested free DVD’s about Jesus Christ. She didn’t answer her phone, and we didn’t leave a message because we thought that we could call her back later that night. This random number calls us, and we think “Oh! It’s Lilly!” So, Sister Rogers answers the phone and says, “Hello Lilly!” There was this awkward pause on the phone…and we realized that no one had responded. The woman on the phone said, “How on earth did you know my name was Lilly…?” We were like…”Uh… Pardon?” She explained to us that her name was Navraj and that she had requested missionaries on mormon.org. She was calling us to confirm that we had gotten that information. Uh…that never happens. So we were super confused. Turns out that her Dad had called her “Lilly” when she was a little girl and that it had been her pet name. And we had just called her that…by accident. Weird situation number one. 
b-Weird situation number two. She is dating a member of the church that lives in Virginia. But, early on in their relationship, they had decided not to talk about religion because either of them did not want to feel pressured or pushed to go in to anything that they didn’t want to. Navraj has looked in to EVERY religion possible on the planet, and eventually decided to look into the LDS church. But she didn’t want her to boyfriend to know, until last weekend! She went to go and visit him in Washington D.C. and then she waited in the lobby of the temple while he went to go and do an endowment session. She talked with the temple workers for the entire duration of the session about the church and the significance behind the Restoration. 
c- She told her boyfriend that she would like a copy of the Book of Mormon, because she didn’t know where to find one. She asked him to bring it for her when they met up in Washington D.C….well…he forget (typical…lol!) and she was a little upset. They were driving to the temple, and lo and behold, they saw two missionaries walking along the side of the street. She tells her boyfriend to stop…maybe they have a copy of The Book of Mormon? They did. And she has been reading far into it…she is in Mosiah right now. 
d- She has had dreams about the sealing room and other sacred ordinances done in the temple ever since she was a little girl. But, she had no idea what they were until she talked with the temple workers a couple of weeks ago. Weird Situation Number Four. 
e-Sister Rogers and I were sitting in Sacrament Meeting yesterday and I just got this STRONG impression that we should invite Navraj to be baptized on April 20, 2014–Easter Sunday. I second guessed myself for probably half an hour. That is one of the only times on my mission when I have felt that I have “wrestled” with the Spirit. I told Sister Rogers what I was feeling, and we decided to just see how the lesson went ( we met with her later that day). It was a fair decision. When we went to go and see her later that night, I got SUPER intimidated when I met her for the first time. She’s about 6 feet tall, super trim, Indian and basically looks like a Bollywood Movie Star! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she said about the whole thing, “I have heard this before. Before I came to earth, this was taught to me by my Heavenly Father. I remember this.” Our mouths dropped. Her next comment? “Also, whatever happens in the temples, was I taught that before I came here to earth as well?” Um. Yes. What a miracle. And this is the kicker. We invited her to be baptized, and she said ABSOLUTELY. And so we were so happy and were about to set a goal to be baptized and promise her blessings. And then she said…” Sisters. *pause* I just feel like I need to be baptized on Easter…” I started to cry. I really truly felt the Spirit testify to me that this was HER time. The Lord is truly in charge, and we are just instruments in his hands. 
f-I truly feel that I was put into this area to meet Navraj and to realize that the Lord is preparing people for us all over the world and at different times. 
Well, everyone, that is about it. I have been really blessed to be able to know all of you. You have changed my life! I love you! 
Sister Colvin 

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