An exciting week!

Dearest family and friends, 

What an exciting week! Many things have happened in Canada and many things have happened in Rexburg, Idaho. I guess we’ll start at the beginning…
1. Ethan was baptized! I seriously was so blessed to have been able to know him and to help him be able to be baptized. There were moments when we didn’t know if he was ready, but time and time again,he proved us wrong. The baptism service was really beautiful and so special for him! We did a little video slideshow of him and his life, and he LOVED It. Funny thing happened as well, when Ethan walked into the font he said quite loudly, “You told me that it was going to be hot!” (in reference to the water). IT was SO funny. So Grateful that I could be here for his baptism. 
2. Zone Conference! We had a really neat experience in London, Ontario (about 1.5 hours away from here). I love being instructed by President and Sister Scott and the AP’s. They really are inspired and I always learn so much. It was also a big blessing to be inside all day! This area of Ontario was hit with extreme white-outs–pretty scary stuff. We are very grateful to have not been on the roads at that time. The Lord really does bless his missionaries. 
3. My little baby brother, Adam, got his mission call to Brasil Maceió Mission! He will be learning Portuguese and leaves on July 2nd…a mere month and a half before I get home! But, I am so excited for him! He will be SUCH A good missionary, and the people of Brasil are so lucky to have him. Another fun fact, we baptized a Brazilian family last November, and as soon as I found out, we called them up! Turns out, that one of their uncles used to be the Mission President for the mission that Adam is going to! They say that it is SUPER DUPER hot, but the people are so friendly and kind and will always give you food. 😉 I’ll have to record them saying something in Portuguese or something like that. It is crazy how small the world is. 🙂 Anyways, I am SO proud of you Adam. July will be here before you know it! 🙂 
That is really everything of importance that happened this week. I’m just very grateful to be here and to be in this area (at least for another week) 🙂 
I hope that you all have a fantastic week! I love you! 
Sister Colvin 

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