Eleven Monday holidays…

Dearest family and friends,
Let me begin with saying that there are ELEVEN Monday Holidays in this land they call Canada.  I mean…that’s all fine and dandy you know, until we realize that we must still proselyte on holidays…and our Pdays are pushed back until the next day. Really…long weekends are totally nice when you have a job…but NOT for when you’re a missionary. The holiday yesterday was called “Family Day” and it happens  once a year…people are supposed to spend time with their families and not work. How interesting….it’s called FAMILY HOME EVENING PEOPLE. By all means, please spend time with your family for more than once a year. But hey, as Sister Prescott says…”Not my pig. Not my farm.” Pdays will always eventually come around. 🙂
We were so blessed this week to be able to see Janet and Norm be baptized! I honestly did not think that I would be here to see it happen. It was a beautiful service! It started with a prayer and then Sister Prescott, the Primary President and I with a bunch of Primary kids got up and sang “I am a Child of God”. It was a total surprise to Janet and Norm, and they love the little kids  in the church! They were crying all the way through, and I must admit that I got a little teary myself. It was a special moment and the Spirit was so strong! We had a talk on baptism, and then they were baptized! Janet described it as being so full of light and happiness after she was baptized! Norm said that he felt an internal calm and how he just wants more and more information. They are absolutely incredible! I told another Sister that if I didn’t see any more baptisms while I am on my mission, it would be okay, because I got to see Janet and Norm’s. They really have been so special to me and they have changed my life. They will be my friends for eternity!
Max (who was just baptized a few weeks ago) will be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood and will be ordained to the office of Priest next week! This is such an exciting time to be a missionary! This work is definitely hastening and moving forward. And Max…he’s just super cool! 🙂 I’ve also been infinitely blessed to have been able to know him. Man, sometimes it’s just so hard to think about how much that we’ve been given. I really owe SO much to God.
Our year mark was super exciting. We had cupcakes and burnt this nasty old hockey jersey at a member’s home. It was SO fun. It’s still so hard to believe that it’s been so long since I’ve been in ‘Merica. Oh well. I better enjoy my time in Canada now. 🙂
We had another exchange this past week. I went to Brantford with Sister Stats (who was also trained by Sister Wester). It was an interesting day! Sister Stats hasn’t been in Brantford that long, and at times, she looked at me and said “You know more about this place than I do.” Okay. Yea. Maybe. I’ve been on quite a few exchanges there! 🙂 We got to have dinner at the Stake President’s house and we taught quite a few lessons. It’s neat to be able to share your testimony with people who you probably won’t ever see again…just because you want to share it ALL with them and help them feel how important it is to you. I also had a few fun moments, there have been some members from Simcoe that have moved to Brantford for various reasons, and I got to see them! When we were planning, I was looking at the ward list, and I recognized names on there! So that’s where we went! It was almost like being back in Simcoe again! 🙂
All in all, it’s been a pretty astounding week. We hit the Standards of Excellence again, we witnessed 2 baptisms, and we were fed every single night this week. HAHA. Let me tell you, Sister Prescott and I are getting pretty good at being fed. 🙂 Sister Prescott has taught me well.
Anyways, I hope that y’alls weeks were grand and that you didn’t miss me too much on Valentine’s Day! 😀
I love you! Stay warm!
Sister Colvin

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