New roomies

Dearest family and friends, 

This has been possibly one of the most stressful weeks on my mission. Not because we weren’t successful and didn’t find people to teach, I just feel like there were just so many little things that just decided to pop up! Random things that we really had no control over. I think the the Lord definitely was trying to teach me a lesson on patience and humility. For example, we received a call during a lesson from the Zone Leaders, Elder Parker and Prochnow. They informed us that we were having another set of Sisters moving in to our apartment. We rushed back from our lesson and tried to make our apartment be able to fit another dresser, 2 beds, 2 desks and 2 more bodies. 🙂 It was massively successful, but it was a little bit crazy. They then moved in…with all of their stuff! SO much stuff! But, it it actually quite a bit of fun to be around more sisters! We talk about some pretty wild things. It’s like being in college! But…more fun! 
We have definitely seen some awesome things happen this week! I’m grateful to be out on a mission! I’m just glad that today is our “day of rest” as missionaries. It’s time to refocus my brain! 😉 
I love you all! Feel free to write me letters! 😉 
Sister Colvin 

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