No transfer!!!!!!

Dearest family, friends, and wonderful people,  

1) Sister Prescott and I are not being transferred out of Kitchener/Waterloo. Glory be.
2) We had a baptism! Max decided to enter into that covenant with God! He was an absolute miracle The YSA (Young Single Adult) Elders had brought a guy with them to the talent show that they had been teaching for about a week. His name is Max.  His story is that he always drives by the church and he was wondering what it was all about so he looked up the number and called. They asked if he was a “single adult” and he said yes so they told him what time to go to church on Sunday and what building.  He went to church on Sunday, met the Elders and they starting teaching him. Now Max is from Nigeria and looks like he is 24 so… the Elders didn’t even bother asking his age . But when  Sister Prescott was talking to him Saturday  she asked him when he came to Canada, he said 7 years ago.  Then she asked him how old he was when he came to Canada and he said, 30.  Sister Prescott just looked at Elder Lasley (the YSA Elder) and then looked back to Max, and Elder Lasley goes, “wait… how old are you??” So… basically Max can’t go to the YSA ward. We told him he has to go to the family ward and he was totally ok with it.  So that was a serious blessing. And then he was baptized…Miracles are definitely a part of this work! 
3) We reached the Standards of Excellence again! The Lord seriously just keeps blessing us! I am so grateful to be a witness to it!
4)The crazy amount of snow…that is seriously a miracle that the sky could produce that much precipitation. Seriously. It was up to my knees. 

5)People prounounce “Hurricane, Utah”…”Hurrikin, Utah”. That’s bizarre. 
6) The fact that I am feeling so much better! Yea for colds that go away! 
7)Being a missionary is really such a joy! I am excited to see what else I need to learn. 🙂 
Love always, 
Sister Colvin 

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