Lessons learned.

Dearest family, friends, and wonderful people in my life! 
To begin this blog post, I’ve been collecting these points on things you learn while you are on a mission: 
  1. Living in an apartment building is actually not nearly as glamorous as it seems on television. In real life: neighbors have loud parties until three in the morning and elevators smell bad and the fire alarms are almost always being tested during study time.
  2. Chair soccer is the worst.
  3. What I thought was cold is actually not cold. On a related note, what I thought was a heavy coat is not, in fact, an actual heavy coat.
  4. You know how those old 1950s movies about the Ten Commandments and stuff make the Bible look interesting? It’s actually way more interesting when you decide to read it. ESPECIALLY the Old Testament.
  5. Planners are not just for old people.
  6. It is actually possible to eat too many cookies in one day.
  7. When you are walking down a street or a hallway and someone is about to pass you and you pull out your phone to make a fake call or send a fake text so as to avoid them, you are really not fooling anyone. It’s pretty obvious.
  8. Sunday is actually the best day of the week.
  9. Google is awesome. Don’t ever take it for granted.
  10. You really don’t need to ever shop anywhere besides the dollar store, Walmart, and a good thrift store.
  11. Pop music is awful. As is Facebook.
  12. Mail is so much better than email. 
  13. Naps are actually precious. 
  14. Rice and Mountain Dew are not a sufficient dinner. Neither is ice cream and corn. Neither is green beans and macaroni and cheese. Just buy fruit. And carrots. 
  15. The gospel actually applies to everyone’s lives. No matter what. 
This week has been so crazy full of miracles! I don’t even have time to write them all down! I think that I’ll number them…sorry for all of the numbering today. 🙂 
      1.Janet and Norm are as amazing as ever. They are still on fire. 
      2. Random YSA investigators that actually turn out to be 37 and want to be baptized. and we           get handed an investigator that’s completely progressing and will be baptized SO soon. 
      3. Teaching 10 INVESTIGATOR lessons this past week. 
      4. Reaching the Standards of Excellence for a second week in a row. 
      5. Seeing my testimony grow as I read the scriptures and “Jesus the Christ” (such a good               book!) 
      6. Getting letters from Em and Britt Kashow! MADE MY DAY! 😉 
      7. Watching this video with Janet and Norm : http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?v=911029448001 
      8. Feeling so much peace when I think about the future. THAT’S a miracle. 
      9. Finding new people to teach…!!! 
     10. Being able to demonstrate Christlike love to some crazy people in Canada. 🙂 
So many wonderful things are happening in this area and these people are just on fire for the gospel! I have been so blessed to know all of these people! And to be able to elp them in some way feel the Spirit more in their lives. Transfers are next week…and if everybody prays that I stay…I would appreciate that. 🙂 But if that’s not where the Lord needs me, I will go where he wants me to go…Except for Timmins. I don’t want to be that far north. 🙂 LOL. 
Shout out to my friend–Erin! I LOVE YOU! Get feeling better. 🙂 
Anyways, I am so happy! I honestly do love being a missionary! It’s by FAR the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my life, but it has been so worth it. Thank you all for supporting me, and helping me feel that I have people that “got my back”. Grateful for you all! 
Love always, 
Sister Me 

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