Just a few words is sometimes enough

Dear family, friends, and lovely people, 

How about I do a run-down of my week, eh? 
Monday–PREPARATION DAY! We emailed in the morning, played sports with the other missionaries in our zone at our church building, laughed until I cried, and then went to dinner at Bishop’s house. They have two teenage boys…and I legitimately felt like I was back at home. They were being…totally typical 18 and 15 year-old boys! It was perfect! And I laughed SO much. They also live out…in the middle of nowhere. And so we were just driving along these rolling country roads, and it was absolutely beautiful! And then we see SO many Mennonites driving their horse and buggy along the side of the roads. It was so crazy awesome! Sidenote: So many Mennonites live in this area. After planning, I made sugar cookies that turned out flat…but they were still good. 🙂 
Tuesday–CHRISTMAS EVE! In the morning, we went and decorated the sugar cookies I made with a recent convert! She lives in a retirement place and doesn’t have a lot of family, and so she became our Grandma on Christmas Eve! It was really fun to decorate cookies with her. We then drove to the Kitchener Stake Center and buckled down to what would be the longest 9 hours of my life…reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John….–verse by verse–…in a large group of missionaries. From 12 pm to 9 pm at night. I about died. We all had snacks, but it was a very long day. I learned a lot though, and I’m glad that we got to do it. I called my family at about 9:30 at night to confirm for skyping the next day…I bawled my eyes out. Way too much emotion going on there. 
Wednesday–CHRISTMAS DAY! We got to sleep in until 7 am that morning. It felt so nice to be able to push the snooze button and go back to sleep for half an hour. We then got ready, and went to eh Stake Center to work on our read-a-thon…hence 4 more hours of reading the scriptures. I should invest in a pillow next time we read. 🙂 After that, we went to a members home and skyped our families! Sister Prescott went first, and I took a teeny nap on the couch next to the computer, and read the scriptures. And then it was my turn! It was so great to be able to see everyones faces and how they are different…but still exactly the same! It was so hard to click the “end call” button…but I survived and will continue to plug on forward! Then we had dinner at the Clifton’s, they are WONDERFUL! Some of my favorite people in this world! We had a delicious dinner, and lots of laughter. I had a really cool moment, actually. Sister Clifton’s Mom was there (who is elderly, Korean, and doesn’t speak any English) and I felt so bad that she was just sitting there and not enjoying the night because she couldn’t interact with anybody. I felt so sad for her. So I pulled Sister Clifton aside and asked her to teach me how to say “You are beautiful” in Korean. As Sister Prescott and I were leaving, I went to see Sister Clifton’s mom and told her “You are Beautiful” in Korean. Her face LIT UP like a Christmas Tree. Her happiness was so evident on her face. It made my heart so happy. I then asked Sister Clifton to teach me “I love you” in Korean and then I said it to her Mom. Her mom repeated “I love you” back to me and gave me a hug. It was such a beautiful moment! A couple of days later, we found out that Sister Clifton’s mom was in the hospital and was not doing well. It made me so sad that she was ill, I was just so grateful that I had said that she was beautiful to her! It turns out that she hadn’t smiled in a long time, and when I said that, it was the first real smile she had given in a while. precious moment! 
Thursday–BOXING DAY! Apparently, this is a holiday that Canadians celebrate. It’s not that they celebrate boxing other people (like with gloves and stuff) but it just means they box up the things that they don’t need and give it to others or charities. I will definitely be celebrating it when I am back at home! we went to an AWESOME members home, and we also had interviews with our President and Sister Scott. That is always good. 
Friday–WEEKLY PLANNING! So long. And we talked to people. yea! 
Saturday–NORMAL DAY! It’s still weird that I am a missionary…I still feel like I’ve been out for 1 week! Not almost 11 months! 
Sunday–TEACHING FRENZY! We got to teach the Gospel Principles class, and part of the combined RS/Priesthood hour. It went really well, and my love for teaching classes is growing. I might actually like to teach church classes by the time I am done with my mission. Sister Prescott is really good at getting people to feed us…we are being fed 6 days this week. 😛 she got that calendar going. We had PEC. We also met with some Less-Actives this day. They are progressing. 
Monday…and here I am! Another week has come and gone. It is bizarre how things go by. 
Christmas is over…but let’s bring on the New Year…2014 for the win!!! 
Love always, 
Sister Colvin 


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