A weather report…

Dearest family, friends, and whoever reads this, 

Not a lot of “huge” things have happened this week…at least in comparison to last week…but I will try to give you a glimpse of the “tiny” things that happened in the past couple of days! 
It has been snowing for the past three days. We got quite a few inches of snow, and we are learning that Canadians really don’t like to push their roads…and people still don’t know how to drive in the snow. Even though they’re from Canada. But, hey, maybe taking Drivers Ed in the snow really helped me out! 🙂 I’ve let Sister Prescott drive for the last little while, because she gets some anxiety about having someone drive her in the snow, and if I don’t look at the road…I don’t get too much anxiety. It’s a sacrifice that I can make…she always laughs at me though because I do the…”Mom thing” = when we are sliding all around the road, my hands go out and touch the window and glove compartment, and I take deep breaths. It is stressful! But, oh well, and I know this may sound ironic, but Rexburg actually does pretty well on pushing the roads…I won’t complain about it anymore when I am home. The weird things that you realize you are grateful for when you’re on a mission. 🙂 
Oh man, the other missionaries that email here just arrived unexpectedly. so, I guess you just get a weather update from me this week. 😦 DANG IT. I was planning on writing a long post today, but I guess next week will just have to be super long. Next week will be Christmas, can you even believe it? 
Write me letters, people! 
I love you all SO much! 
Love always, 
Sister Colvin 

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