A Child’s Prayer…

Dearest family, friends, and wonderful people that need to be in my life! 

This week is has been absolutely freezing. The temperature has slipped into the negatives, and we are constantly trying to stay warm and not freeze to death. I guess I can count my lucky stars that I am not more north than I am right now. But, alas, the tights, scarves, mitts,socks, thermals, hats, coats, jackets, fleeces have all come out. I had to wipe the dust from them…and it was exciting…but super depressing at the same time. 🙂 
This week we had a baptism! A little boy, 11 years old, decided to be baptized with his Dad (who used to be a member). It was one of the most spiritual moments on my mission. To see people making changes in their lives really strengthens my testimony of the Atonement and how people can change! It was a beautiful moment! 
We have been focusing a lot on re-activations and helping EVERYONE come unto Christ. It has been really rewarding to see people make changes in their lives to keep the commandments, etc. It has made me realize how much more I can follow Jesus Christ in my day-to-day life. There is still so much more I have to learn, and it makes me realize so much more that life is a process! And we should all be working towards that goal of being able to live with God again! 
This week in Sacrament Meeting it was the Primary Presentation! There is a fabulous Primary President in this ward, and the program went flawlessly! But the thing that touched me the most, there was a little boy in the front row. They were singing “A Child’s Prayer”…and he started to cry! This cute six-year-old boy was crying…it was so touching! He just kept rubbing his eyes because they were so wet…and I realized I was wiping mine as well. I’ve become such a baby on my mission. But it was so beautiful! 
Food of the Week: Onion,Honey,Garlic Chicken Wings–Courtesy of Sue Umbach. 🙂 
Quote of the Week: “BAH. This would be SO much easier in pants!” 
There is nothing much new on this front, except Christmas is in 30 days…AND I CANNOT WAIT. And you all can send me presents. 🙂 Hahaha! I love you all! 
Love always, 
Sister Colvin 

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