Our area just doubled…Yeah!

Dearest people who read this, 

Transfers calls came last night. Well, in reality, transfer calls didn’t come…because we’re not leaving Kitchener-Waterloo. There are changes that will be happening to this area, just not directly involving us. For the last 3 months, we’ve been sharing the Kitchener-Waterloo Ward with Elder Healey and Elder Ikeda. It has been so fun to be able to see missionaries every Sunday and know what they are talking about when they say “Hey…YOMO” And you know exactly what they are referring to…and you just laugh your head off. Its been a delight! However, they are getting transferred out of the area, and not being replaced. We are inheriting their area starting this transfer. So, I guess we are no longer in Kitchener-Waterloo East…just Kitchener-Waterloo!  But, I will miss Elder Healey and Elder Ikeda! They’re both going to Toronto! They will do great things there! We are excited to get to know more of the ward members and help them with their missionary work. It’s almost like being in a new area. 🙂 
This week we had the amazing opportunity to go and visit an incredible lady named Rose Young. She was telling us about her mission the she went on with her husband in the late 80’s. They went to Nigeria! She set-up a slideshow of her pictures and showed us the clothing that they brought back from there. Some of her stories are absolutely incredibly scary, and you can really notice as she tells you about them that she knows that the Lord helped and protected her and her husband while they were serving there. She is incredible. I figure, if she can survive a year in Nigeria–with stolen cars, violence, and an unpredictable mail system–I can definitely survive a year and a half in Canada. 
This week, we had some investigators from a different part of Kitchener move into our area. They are great, and are truly sincere in finding out the truth. They have some major road-blocks (don’t we all…?) and so this week we are sincerely out of love going to “call them to repentance”! Haha! We have some investigators from the Elders area that we are going to start meeting with as well…we just don’t know anything about them yet…so…more about the next week! 
This week was Halloween…and it was crazy! Mostly because it was pouring rain and there were STILL people out on the streets…we watched from our window to see what they were all doing. 🙂 Halloween in Canada…is very similar to Halloween in the States…just on steroids! It’s a lot more…intense! And a bigger deal than it ever is back at home. People are weird. 
We had exchanges this week with Sister Waldron and Sister Tofa. I went to Brantford with Sister Waldron! It was really fun, and I learned a lot from her. She has been out one more transfer than I have. It is absolutely crazy how fast time is flying. I will hit my 9 month mark this month (actually in 9 days) I will have to burn something that I own (missionary tradition…you gots to do it!). So, yes. Not trunky yet…but I’m afraid I will be within the next couple of months. I guess I just gotta pray that I won’t feel like that. But…anyways….I would love to serve in Brantford one day! It’s a wonderful place! But, honestly, what areas aren’t? 
As you also know, Daylight Savings Time was this week. AND MY BODY IS WHACKED OUT. Being on a strict schedule for 9 months…and then throwing in an extra hour is just about killing me. It’s nice…because you feel like you have more sleep…but it also feels like you are out later…and on Fast Sunday…it’s the worst! I mean *cough* it’s the best thing ever! 🙂 
Food of the Week: Chicken Thigh Curry…resulted in major food poisoning. 
Quote of the Week: “Nobody grows at Disneyland”. 
I love you all, and I hope you stay safe…and warm! LOVE YOUS. Buh-Bye for now! 
Sister Colvin 
p.s. Go change the world or something.

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