Planting seeds

Dear Family, friends, and people that read this, 

So, this week the weather did the inevitable…it snowed! Fortunate for us, it didn’t really stick. And it started pouring rain immediately after…thus creating freezing rain! I was actually sort of, kinda, maybe glad we didn’t have the car–so I didn’t have to drive in that nasty weather! Although, my feet were freezing! It’s time to go and get some more thick socks! 
We still do not have anybody that we are teaching right now. We have focused a lot on finding (that is practically all that we do) and we are still not seeing our efforts come to fruition. However, this is what missionaries sign up for. We have been called to specific areas of the world to reap the Lord’s harvest. However, sometimes we are the laborers in the vineyard that plant the seeds. Both are important. And both are important to the Lord. Without those that plant the seeds, there would never be a harvest…and without those that reap the grains…there would not a bounteous harvest. When things seem to be not be going as planned, all that you can do is pray to Heavenly Father and plead for the strength and courage to keep on going. Because there are times when all you want is to quit–but deep down–you know that you never will because you are here for more than just yourself. I like this quote,  I learned that a mission is a joining between a mortal soul who prepares and embraces the things of God, and God’s Spirit. When this happens, every missionary learns he or she is part of something greater and more important than the individual. Missionaries have an important part to play for themselves and for others. It involves being entrusted with the most essential ideas and ordinances of all. As they feel the Spirit and share his work, they come to know and love his Son—and to understand why they serve.’ This describes the feelings that I have had over the past 3 months. There are challenges, but when we are able to feel the Spirit and love God and Jesus Christ with all of our power–we have a greater purpose. And we are more able to find joy in the small details of life. I know that I see those things much more frequently in my life now, because of the things that I have gone through on my mission, and the things that I will go through. There is beauty in EVERYTHING. 
This week we got to do something really fun! Our stake had a mini-mission for the youth that we got to participate in! Sister Prescott and I had two youth, Sister Rowden and Sister Del Mundo come out with us and we showed them the “Missionary Ropes”. It is amazing to me how strong the Youth are now! Granted, I was one…just a little while ago…but these girls were amazing! They put up with so much stuff at school, and their examples really strengthen my testimony of how youth can hold on to the commandments and standards…and still be so fun to be around! 
This week is Halloween! So…HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We have to go in early that night at 6, because they don’t want us proselyting out on the streets that late. We will hold our Weekly Planning Session then, instead of earlier in the day. We are also contemplating carving pumpkins…which would be really fun! Hopefully, you all stay safe and warm! 
I love you all, and I will talk to you next week! 
Love always, 
Sister Colvin 

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