Short and sweet…

Dearest friend and family,
Funny/Ironic story of the week: My anxiety about riding busses. I am terrible at it. I will not lie or mince words. I love talking to people, but the actual process of getting on a bus and stressing about what stop to get off of…kills me. I can barely handle it. One particular instance jumps out in my mind…this last week we have been bussing A LOT because even though we share a car with the Elders, they got the car this week because they had appointments,etc. I’m not complaining. It was about 8 o’clock at night and we missed our bus. Gr. We had to wait an extra half an hour until the next bus comes. So we talk to people, make some phone calls, you know, do what missionaries do. We then get on the bus…and it’s the right bus…but it’s going the WRONG DIRECTION. Boo. We had to walk home. In the pouring rain. At night. Not really funny, more pathetic, but hey. Those of you who have a car…COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. 🙂
This week has been a wonderfully, uplifting, spiritual week. We have had Zone Conference and Zone Training and Exchanges! Holy toledo! Major blessings/excitement right there! I don’t have hardly any time to talk about it, the work is definitely moving forward in the Kitchener/Waterloo East area! 
Sorry that this is so short, I PROMISE that next week ( 5 days from now) it will be longer. I love you all! “Keep on trucking!” 
Sister Colvin 

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