Eye have a problem…..

Dearest family,friends, and people,
This week was an adventure. Last Preparation Day, Sister Taylor was picking up a bag of groceries….and her finger slipped from the bag…and it hit her eyeball. Her eye started to turn really red, and was oozing nasty stuff. But, because we’re probably not the smartest, we just assumed that after she took a nap that it would be all better. We woke up, and it was super red and disgusting. We decided to call the mission nurse. She told us to go to the emergency room…and so we did. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS LATER…we saw a doctor…and he told us to go buy these nasty eyedrop thingies, and then to come back tomorrow. On we go. Because it took so much time, we were late getting home, and we had to report to our District Leader, and it was just bad. The next day we go to the hospital…SEVEN HOURS LATER…we see a doctor. He told us the Sister Taylor might need a cornea graft, because she scratched her cornea…but everything should be fine for now. What the heck?! That was the end of our “eyeball” adventures…but…seriously. It was ridiculous. Hopefully no more emergency room drama, or cutting eyes open. Only in Simcoe.
This week we had an INCREDIBLE thunderstorm. Our Zone Leaders actually called us and told us that the entire mission was supposed to go in early and not be on the streets because of the weather. There was lightning on a constant basis in the sky. It was like…BOOM…KAPOW…FIZZLE…BOOM…BAM…CRACK…It was so sweet. It did stink to be inside, but we called a lot of people in the area book and set up some appointments, so we were still being productive. 🙂
Breanna Kay was baptized this week! Baptisms are really so wonderful. She was glowing and so happy. I am honored to have been a part in helping her come closer to Jesus Christ. Our other investigators are doing very well. Colvin, that lovely islander, made me cry yesterday! The men in this branch got up and sang “Ye Elders of Israel” in Sacrament Meeting yesterday. Well, Colvin (who is VERY shy) got up and sang with them all! I totally teared up. We asked him how he felt while he was up there, and he told us that it felt “right”. Oh, man. It was incredible. Neville set a baptism date for August 10th! Which is so awesome! Neville hasn’t set a baptism date with any other sets of missionaries that have taught him…which is a lot. We are so excited to help him quit smoking and drinking so he can be baptized. Other than that, I don’t know if there is anything else to update you on.
1.  How long does it stay hot in Canada?  
It feels like forever. It will start cooling down in Septemberish. Depending on the area where you are at. It’s WAY hotter here in Simcoe than it is in Napanee (where Sister Wester is). I HATE HUMIDITY.   2.  What did the Spirit teach you this week?
That sometimes….you just gotta let things roll of your back.   3.  As you approach your 6 month mark, what are you hoping to learn in the next 6 months?
How to become a more consecrated, sacred missionary. Can you even BELIEVE that I have been out for 6 months? Crazy stuff. I can’t believe it.
Anyways, I love you all. Have a wonderful week.
Sister Colvin

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