A boost from a member

Dearest family, friends, and people I will meet someday,
It is HORRIBLY hot here in the land of Simcoe. Without an air conditioner in our apartment, we feel as if we shower and get all clean, and as soon as we step out…we’re dirty, sweaty grossness again. It is challenging to continue to go out and find the people that the Lord has prepared…but we are still plugging along! Hopefully, a member in our branch will be installing a window air conditioner this afternoon…so we will be able to sleep more than 2 hours a night. Exhaustion+Stress+New Companion+STRESS+Baptisms+Satan = No fun. 🙂
Our investigators are doing well, and we are seeing the Lord’s hand in their lives. Breanna (after a long chain up to the mission president) does NOT have Law of Chastity issues. She is living with a man that is 30 years older than her, and they are roommates. He takes care of her as a father would. Initially, our district leader told us that she had to leave her apartment, and all of that really fun stuff. We were getting really overwhelmed…and so we called our Zone Leaders (which are amazing…by the way…) and then they called up the AP’s. And then the AP’s talked to President Scott about it! We were so happy that it won’t prevent her from being baptized. Colvin, the lovely man from the islands, is planning on being baptized this Sunday. However, he does have to keep the Word of Wisdom this entire week. And he does have issues with alcohol and smoking. We have faith that he will make it! Don…is a grumpy old man that likes to flirt with us. Ha. We are having a “do or die” lesson with him this next week. Hopefully he will set a date and be dunked! Other than that, I can’t think of anybody that is progressing steadily towards being baptized.
Question Time!
1.  How have you felt the hand of the Lord in your life this week?
As you have probably surmised, I miss Sister Wester like the peanut misses butter. I’ve felt very lonely, and very stressed out this week. Being the senior companion, and having the full responsibility of these people’s salvation was really getting to me. I was really struggling with feeling loved and important. BUT, yesterday, a member in our branch (her name is Sister Keenan) texted us/me and told me that she was there for me if I needed anything. I felt as if that short text was from Heavenly Father! I was struggling (especially last night) and that text really brightened my day and helped me feel loved. Sometimes….it’s hard to feel love from way out here. BUT I know that you all are praying for me, and that really has sustained me through this week.
2.  Are there any other sisters in your mission that have served in one area for 6 months?  What do you think you have learned from being in the same area for such a length of time?
As to my knowledge, no. Everyone that I came out with is at least in their second area. I really have no earthly idea. The Lord is obviously trying to teach me something. What that is exactly? I don’t know. but, I really do love it here in Simcoe. Sometimes I feel as if I am never going to leave. But, I know  that the time will come, and it is going to be painful when it does.
3.  Why are sister missionaries being asked to wear their badges on the right side now?  Is that true of all missionaries or just the sisters?
We haven’t heard anything about that. Haha. We are TOTALLY out of the loop on all of this crazy information. 4.  What do you need the most for your birthday? 
I don’t know. Money? Love? Happiness? Baptisms? I’d like some scripture marking pens. That’s about all that I can think of. 🙂
Anyways, just know that I love you all. God has  a plan for us…and sometimes (most of the time) we don’t understand it. He puts us with specific people in specific places…because that is where we need to be! This is  true for ALL people everywhere! Not just the crazies with the nametags. God loves you! And in lack of better words, he has your back! Turn to him, and he will comfort you! Have a wonderful week, everybody! CTR!
Love forever,
Sister Colvin

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