A New Beginning! Sort of…

My wonderful friends, family, and random people that I am sure I will meet someday,
Transfers are come and gone! I can’t believe that I have been out for 3 transfers already…and I will hit my 6-month mark at the end of this one. Time seems to be flying much more quickly than I would like it to be.The good news, is that I will be staying in Simcoe. I will be here for at least 1/3 of my mission. Crazy. The depressing, awful, news is that Sister Wester is no longer in Simcoe. She was transferred up to Napanee (which is up North kind of by Kingston). We know each other so well. Sister Wester has become my best friend. She has really helped me realize that people can love me for who I am. That I am a person that people would want to be friends with. She has been the most powerful influence on my life in a long time. I was devastated when I learned that we would be separated. I know that this is what the Lord wants, but I still had a pretty hard time with it. I really hope that Sister Wester and I will still be wonderful friends after our missions. In fact, we want to room with each other at university after our missions. I learned so very much from her, and I love her. I will be forever grateful for her wonderful example of courage and tenacity in the face of opposition. She is a wonderful person, and I miss her very much. But, the Lord has a plan for everybody (even if we don’t understand that plan). My new companion is Sister Taylor. She has been out for 3 months, and this is her third area! She has moved around a lot. I am excited to get to know her better and introduce her to the Promised Land (Simcoe).
Emily Nixon was baptized last week! It was such a wonderful way to end a period of time in Simcoe. She was glowing as she made that special promise with Heavenly Father. She is preparing to be confirmed this Sunday. Our other investigators are wishy-washy. We are concentrating on finding this week, so that we can really harvest this area to its full potential.
1.  If you have had changes in your life (new companion or new area), what are your first impressions of the change? 
I feel as if I am going to learn a lot of patience this transfer. I don’t know what else to say about this subject. I miss Sister Wester!
2.  Have you heard of any of the changes with technology that will be coming for missionaries?  What are your feelings about this?
We haven’t heard anything about that yet. We will see what happenes Anyways, we don’t have a lot of time today, because my new companion wants to go decorate the apartment. So, just know that I am praying for you all! I love you, and I hope that everything is going wonderfully! I will ask for one thing, will you all pray for me a little extra this week? I would really appreciate the strength that will come from that. And in return, I will pray for you! 🙂
I love you all!
Sister Colvin 

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