Good things to come…

Dearest family,friends, and people who should send me letters (haha),
Good morning from the bounteous land of Simcoe! Simcoe is still as wonderful as ever. Things have cooled down quite a bit (which is sweet relief) and we don’t sweat *as much* as we have the past couple of weeks. We’ve also staved off our bikes a little bit (I gotta be firm…don’t I?) and so things are going better in that aspect. 🙂 This week has probably been the most intense week of my mission. With getting  sick,  and struggling to find people to teach, this week has really taught me a lot about perseverance and blessings.
So, yes. You heard correctly. I got sick. Again. Not cool. This time it was a pukey, achy, “I’m going to faint” type of sickness. But, as I was lying there during our lunch hour, I thought, “I HATE SATAN. SATAN STINKS. I HATE HIM. Watch me, Satan. I’ll do what I want to.”. We then went tracting. And found new investigators. Which was something that we were struggling with this week. We were SO blessed to have found these people. The Lord legitimately watches over his servants and protects them and strengthens them when they are down.
Our investigators are doing really well, and I am so grateful for the trust that the Lord has given me by keeping me here in Simcoe! I have a feeling that I will still be here next transfer, which I sincerely hope happens. Simcoe is a WONDERFULLY challenging area, that I am so blessed to be a part of. I love being a missionary. Breanna was confirmed this Sunday, and I am so happy for her. She is a wonderful daughter of God with divine potential! I am SO grateful to have been some part in helping her come to Christ. I LOVEBEING A MISSIONARY.
Anyways, I didn’t get any questions this week, so that kind of shuts off my email pretty quickly.
My spiritual thought for the week? Go watch the Mormon Message “Good Things To Come” by Jeffrey R. Holland. It is beautiful! And I LOVE IT. It has really strengthened me this transfer and helped me come closer to reaching out to my Heavenly Father. It is wonderful. And then…everyone email me and tell me what you thought about it. 🙂
I love you all so much, and I hope that you have a wonderful week!
Sister Colvin

Eye have a problem…..

Dearest family,friends, and people,
This week was an adventure. Last Preparation Day, Sister Taylor was picking up a bag of groceries….and her finger slipped from the bag…and it hit her eyeball. Her eye started to turn really red, and was oozing nasty stuff. But, because we’re probably not the smartest, we just assumed that after she took a nap that it would be all better. We woke up, and it was super red and disgusting. We decided to call the mission nurse. She told us to go to the emergency room…and so we did. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS LATER…we saw a doctor…and he told us to go buy these nasty eyedrop thingies, and then to come back tomorrow. On we go. Because it took so much time, we were late getting home, and we had to report to our District Leader, and it was just bad. The next day we go to the hospital…SEVEN HOURS LATER…we see a doctor. He told us the Sister Taylor might need a cornea graft, because she scratched her cornea…but everything should be fine for now. What the heck?! That was the end of our “eyeball” adventures…but…seriously. It was ridiculous. Hopefully no more emergency room drama, or cutting eyes open. Only in Simcoe.
This week we had an INCREDIBLE thunderstorm. Our Zone Leaders actually called us and told us that the entire mission was supposed to go in early and not be on the streets because of the weather. There was lightning on a constant basis in the sky. It was like…BOOM…KAPOW…FIZZLE…BOOM…BAM…CRACK…It was so sweet. It did stink to be inside, but we called a lot of people in the area book and set up some appointments, so we were still being productive. 🙂
Breanna Kay was baptized this week! Baptisms are really so wonderful. She was glowing and so happy. I am honored to have been a part in helping her come closer to Jesus Christ. Our other investigators are doing very well. Colvin, that lovely islander, made me cry yesterday! The men in this branch got up and sang “Ye Elders of Israel” in Sacrament Meeting yesterday. Well, Colvin (who is VERY shy) got up and sang with them all! I totally teared up. We asked him how he felt while he was up there, and he told us that it felt “right”. Oh, man. It was incredible. Neville set a baptism date for August 10th! Which is so awesome! Neville hasn’t set a baptism date with any other sets of missionaries that have taught him…which is a lot. We are so excited to help him quit smoking and drinking so he can be baptized. Other than that, I don’t know if there is anything else to update you on.
1.  How long does it stay hot in Canada?  
It feels like forever. It will start cooling down in Septemberish. Depending on the area where you are at. It’s WAY hotter here in Simcoe than it is in Napanee (where Sister Wester is). I HATE HUMIDITY.   2.  What did the Spirit teach you this week?
That sometimes….you just gotta let things roll of your back.   3.  As you approach your 6 month mark, what are you hoping to learn in the next 6 months?
How to become a more consecrated, sacred missionary. Can you even BELIEVE that I have been out for 6 months? Crazy stuff. I can’t believe it.
Anyways, I love you all. Have a wonderful week.
Sister Colvin

Aches and pains…

Dearest family, friends, and wonderful, wonderful people that I will meet someday,
I don’t think that I have ever been more tired in my life. I wake up…and all I really want to do is go back to bed and sleep for many, many hours. But, somehow, someway, I find a way to keep going. I usually just get up and start doing jumping jacks and that wakes me up real quick. haha. Oh, the life of a missionary. We mostly don’t sleep because we are restless and stressed out about everything. But, the Lord is going to bless us for trying our best to move forward with faith…and dark circles under our eyes. 🙂
This week we did something that I thought I would never have to do…bike more than 85 kilometers in 3 days! We still have our Subaru, but Sister Taylor has always wanted to be a biking missionary, and I guess this is the area to do it in. My bum hurts more than it ever has before…my arms feel like jelly…my calves and thighs have been convulsing for the past 4 days…but it’s all good. 🙂 I have a feeling that this transfer I am going to get more in shape. Hallelu.
Emily Nixon was confirmed this past Sunday! I was so happy for her and the promise that she has made with Heavenly Father. I feel as if she has just started a journey, and it is going to be a long, rough road, but she is going to make it there by the end. She is going to be so happy that she has made this choice! I hope that the Branch can get behind her and show their love for her. I am positive that it will happen…because this branch is special! Colvin was not baptized this last Sunday because he was not able to live (completely) the commandments. He set another date for himself on August 25th, I really hope that I am still here when he is baptized! He is doing all of this for the right reasons, he was a sincere desire to come closer to Jesus Christ. And he knows that this will happen. We just have to smooth out some of the rough edges first. He is wonderful!  We have started to teach Neville again, and oh, how  I love him! He told me this week that I need to find a nice, black guy to marry from the islands. haha! I guess we will see what happens. He has finally (genuinely) committed to read the Book of Mormon…which is a HUGE step for him. We are getting him the CD’s so that he can listen to them while he goes to work. I hope that he can realize how this gospel will bring him closer to his family. He’s going to be baptized someday!
1.  Did you get an a/c put in your apartment?  Is it helping?
We did! It is upstairs (which is a bummer because we sleep downstairs now…long story…) but it is gradually becoming cooler in our apartment. 🙂
2.  When have you felt joy in this last week?
It’s funny that you ask that question. I have been praying every single day this week for me to find joy in the work. And, I have felt joy every single day. Now, I’m not always perfectly bubbly and happy 24/7, but I am beginning to see the joy in the little things. Like…when we literally had no food in our apartment…and so we ordered gluten-free pizza from Dominos for dinner! The crazy drunk man that we talk to on the corner, seeing our investigators live and keep commitments, seeing the beautiful sunrises, everything is worth it.
3.  How is Sister Wester doing in her new area? 
Sister Wester is really struggling. Her area is very difficult, and she is having some financial issues. They shut down her credit card in the States, and she needs so many things! I’m just trying to support and encourage her. She is my older sister, and I know  that everything is going to work out. Keep praying for her!
4.  What can we learn from doing hard things?
We learn how to press on. We learn more about our Savior, Jesus Christ. We learn how to turn to him when we need someone to lean on. We learn that “with God, all things are possible”. I know that I have seen that so much in my mission that I can’t even name a specific instance when I have had to do something hard…EVERYTHING is hard as a missionary. But, we can all do it. But only with help from our Heavenly Father!
Hey, I LOVE YOU ALL! I pray for you all every day, and I know  miracles are coming your way! Till Next week!
Love forever,
Sister Colvin.
p.s. Sorry for this short-ish email…my companion wants to go to Hamilton to play sports…….joy…because I love sports so much! haha. 🙂

A boost from a member

Dearest family, friends, and people I will meet someday,
It is HORRIBLY hot here in the land of Simcoe. Without an air conditioner in our apartment, we feel as if we shower and get all clean, and as soon as we step out…we’re dirty, sweaty grossness again. It is challenging to continue to go out and find the people that the Lord has prepared…but we are still plugging along! Hopefully, a member in our branch will be installing a window air conditioner this afternoon…so we will be able to sleep more than 2 hours a night. Exhaustion+Stress+New Companion+STRESS+Baptisms+Satan = No fun. 🙂
Our investigators are doing well, and we are seeing the Lord’s hand in their lives. Breanna (after a long chain up to the mission president) does NOT have Law of Chastity issues. She is living with a man that is 30 years older than her, and they are roommates. He takes care of her as a father would. Initially, our district leader told us that she had to leave her apartment, and all of that really fun stuff. We were getting really overwhelmed…and so we called our Zone Leaders (which are amazing…by the way…) and then they called up the AP’s. And then the AP’s talked to President Scott about it! We were so happy that it won’t prevent her from being baptized. Colvin, the lovely man from the islands, is planning on being baptized this Sunday. However, he does have to keep the Word of Wisdom this entire week. And he does have issues with alcohol and smoking. We have faith that he will make it! Don…is a grumpy old man that likes to flirt with us. Ha. We are having a “do or die” lesson with him this next week. Hopefully he will set a date and be dunked! Other than that, I can’t think of anybody that is progressing steadily towards being baptized.
Question Time!
1.  How have you felt the hand of the Lord in your life this week?
As you have probably surmised, I miss Sister Wester like the peanut misses butter. I’ve felt very lonely, and very stressed out this week. Being the senior companion, and having the full responsibility of these people’s salvation was really getting to me. I was really struggling with feeling loved and important. BUT, yesterday, a member in our branch (her name is Sister Keenan) texted us/me and told me that she was there for me if I needed anything. I felt as if that short text was from Heavenly Father! I was struggling (especially last night) and that text really brightened my day and helped me feel loved. Sometimes….it’s hard to feel love from way out here. BUT I know that you all are praying for me, and that really has sustained me through this week.
2.  Are there any other sisters in your mission that have served in one area for 6 months?  What do you think you have learned from being in the same area for such a length of time?
As to my knowledge, no. Everyone that I came out with is at least in their second area. I really have no earthly idea. The Lord is obviously trying to teach me something. What that is exactly? I don’t know. but, I really do love it here in Simcoe. Sometimes I feel as if I am never going to leave. But, I know  that the time will come, and it is going to be painful when it does.
3.  Why are sister missionaries being asked to wear their badges on the right side now?  Is that true of all missionaries or just the sisters?
We haven’t heard anything about that. Haha. We are TOTALLY out of the loop on all of this crazy information. 4.  What do you need the most for your birthday? 
I don’t know. Money? Love? Happiness? Baptisms? I’d like some scripture marking pens. That’s about all that I can think of. 🙂
Anyways, just know that I love you all. God has  a plan for us…and sometimes (most of the time) we don’t understand it. He puts us with specific people in specific places…because that is where we need to be! This is  true for ALL people everywhere! Not just the crazies with the nametags. God loves you! And in lack of better words, he has your back! Turn to him, and he will comfort you! Have a wonderful week, everybody! CTR!
Love forever,
Sister Colvin

A New Beginning! Sort of…

My wonderful friends, family, and random people that I am sure I will meet someday,
Transfers are come and gone! I can’t believe that I have been out for 3 transfers already…and I will hit my 6-month mark at the end of this one. Time seems to be flying much more quickly than I would like it to be.The good news, is that I will be staying in Simcoe. I will be here for at least 1/3 of my mission. Crazy. The depressing, awful, news is that Sister Wester is no longer in Simcoe. She was transferred up to Napanee (which is up North kind of by Kingston). We know each other so well. Sister Wester has become my best friend. She has really helped me realize that people can love me for who I am. That I am a person that people would want to be friends with. She has been the most powerful influence on my life in a long time. I was devastated when I learned that we would be separated. I know that this is what the Lord wants, but I still had a pretty hard time with it. I really hope that Sister Wester and I will still be wonderful friends after our missions. In fact, we want to room with each other at university after our missions. I learned so very much from her, and I love her. I will be forever grateful for her wonderful example of courage and tenacity in the face of opposition. She is a wonderful person, and I miss her very much. But, the Lord has a plan for everybody (even if we don’t understand that plan). My new companion is Sister Taylor. She has been out for 3 months, and this is her third area! She has moved around a lot. I am excited to get to know her better and introduce her to the Promised Land (Simcoe).
Emily Nixon was baptized last week! It was such a wonderful way to end a period of time in Simcoe. She was glowing as she made that special promise with Heavenly Father. She is preparing to be confirmed this Sunday. Our other investigators are wishy-washy. We are concentrating on finding this week, so that we can really harvest this area to its full potential.
1.  If you have had changes in your life (new companion or new area), what are your first impressions of the change? 
I feel as if I am going to learn a lot of patience this transfer. I don’t know what else to say about this subject. I miss Sister Wester!
2.  Have you heard of any of the changes with technology that will be coming for missionaries?  What are your feelings about this?
We haven’t heard anything about that yet. We will see what happenes Anyways, we don’t have a lot of time today, because my new companion wants to go decorate the apartment. So, just know that I am praying for you all! I love you, and I hope that everything is going wonderfully! I will ask for one thing, will you all pray for me a little extra this week? I would really appreciate the strength that will come from that. And in return, I will pray for you! 🙂
I love you all!
Sister Colvin