GOOD vs. evil

Hello all you wonderful people!
Today, Sister Wester and I are going to Hamilton because I am in dire need of some new clothes. So, we don’t have a lot of time. Sometimes, it stinks to be so far away from normal civilization. Just kidding…Simcoe is COMPLETELY normal. *cough*
Also, I know that a couple of people have requested to be my friend on Facebook! Could you possibly accept their requests for me? I know that Sister Hernandez and a couple of the Macdonalds did. Please and Thank you! 🙂
The weather is so humid. And hot. We actually started to not feel well after we had walked around in the heat for a couple of hours, so we are going to invest in some waterbottles today, because we were starting to become dehydrated. Sister Wester was even seeing dots in her vision. Not good! Our apartment also doesn’t have air conditioning…which stinks. So…we might be buying some fans today as well! 🙂
This week I have learned that missionary work is full of so much joy and happiness…and so much heartache. You see these wonderful people (our brothers and sisters) and you want what you know will make them happy! You want to invite them to come to Christ and be healed through the marvelous, infinite atonement. But, people have their agency, and Satan knows how to influence these wonderful children of God into making bad decisions. Satan stinks.
I told you last week about Jessica, a wonderful, hardworking mom that really needs the gospel of Jesus Christ in her life. She told us that she felt the Spirit, and she knows that it is true. She understood the need for a Restoration, and cried when we taught the Plan of Salvation. She even recognized Satan and his efforts against her. Jessica apologized for not reading more between the 2-day hiatus that we met with her. But she still read. She told us that she knew that God wanted her to read the Book of Mormon and come closer to him. She was completely solid, and was the most prepared person that I have met on my mission. Well, she talked to her husband about meeting with us. Earlier on in the week, he had said that he wanted to meet with us as well. He wanted to come closer to God! We were very excited to meet with him. Jessica told us that he went to a party last week, and things changed. He told her that he wanted to go “to the church that he went to as a little kid”. To clarify, Jessica has been in this abusive relationship for a while. We do not know the seriousness of the situation, but we do know that he abused her and her children before he moved out of their house. She really wants to keep her family together. So, she saw this opportunity to “come together” with her husband, and took it. She told us that she will still pray, and she will attend church with him and her kids. At a different church. We were shocked. This wonderful woman was prepared! She had felt the Spirit! And yet, she had rejected it. We are still fighting for a return appointment, with both her and her husband. But she is ignoring us. This was a heartbreaker. We KNOW that Satan worked through her husband to influence her. But, Satan is not going to win on this one. We are going to be fasting with some branch members this week for her and her family. We are going to fast for her husband’s heart to be softened and that they will still be willing to meet with us. I know that if we have enough faith, that more miracles are going to happen. Emily Nixon, our investigator to be baptized next week, is doing wonderful! She really enjoyed church yesterday, and is getting really excited for next week. We have taught her the commandments, except for tithing and the Sabbath Day (which we are teaching on Tuesday). She is a little nervous for the interview, but we assured her that Elder Palmer (who is a wonderful district leader, by the way) isn’t that scary and that she knows as much as she needs to for her to be baptized. She is WONDERFUL. There was a question in Relief Society yesterday, “Why do we take the Sacrament?” And Emily immediately answered, “Because we renew the covenants that we make at baptism each week.” She is amazing! And she is going to be baptized next week! 🙂 Mark, who had a date for next week, cannot get a hold of his addictions in time. He is looking into a long-term facility in Tillsonburg, and when that does happen, we will pass him on to missionaries there. We are concentrating on finding this week, so that we can find more of the elect. Because this area is a huge field, just waiting to be fully harvested.
Question time!
1. What are your thoughts about the broadcast tonight? 
The Broadcast was INCREDIBLE. I learned so much from these wonderful servants of God. I really am so grateful to be a missionary, and to be part of this work. I know that the Lord knows and loves each of his missionaries…which is over 70,000! Can you believe that? The most disappointing thing, however, was that nobody from our branch showed up. Not even our branch president. We are hoping that they are going to rebroadcast it next week…because every person should watch it. I want it on DVD. haha. I am going to be such a nerd when I get home. I’ll probably watch General Conference re-runs for fun. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, right? 🙂 2.  Did you get your package yet and did you have to pay taxes on it?
I didn’t get it yet… 3.  How are you feeling with transfers coming up?
I honestly don’t know. Sister Wester thought that she was leaving last time…and she stayed. And so I really have no idea. I personally feel that I might be leaving and going more North (maybe to Etobicoke or Oshawa), but I really don’t know. I do know that the Lord has such an individualized plan for me and for his work. He is going to put me where I need to be. This work is REAL.
Well, I know that this wasn’t as long as it probably should have been. (And don’t worry, my beloved parents, I only email you on a regular basis now…). But, I know that missionary work is a wonderful, inspired, divine cause. I know that I am supposed to be out here for a reason. And can you believe that I have been out almost 5 months? Time flies when you’re on the Lord’s errand! Thank you so much for the wonderful support and love that you have all shown me!
Sister Colvin

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