Teaching a drunk guy on a park bench….sweet!

My dearest family, friends, and acquaintances,
This week has been one stressful thing after another. I honestly think it’s the weather. Gloomy, rainy, humid, terrible, depressing, blechness, that just seems to never stop! And…my poor hair… Anyways, I’m not complaining. I love Canada. I love Canada. I love Canada. I love Canada. I love Canada. I love Canada.
We seem to be struggling to keep appointments this week. Everybody just seems to be cancelling. Satan is working harder than ever to stop people from learning more about the gospel. But…he’s going to lose.Because he’s stupid and a dumbbell. And…because Simcoe is AMAZING. We have had disappointments this week, however. Jenna has decided to not learn any more. She said that because her “Mom didn’t feel comfortable with it…and she’s just going to stick with the church she grew up in.” Ironic thing? She doesn’t have a religious background. People think we’re so stupid sometimes. Earth to Canada! We. Are. Not. Crazy. Okay, maybe a little bit, but that’s besides the point. We do have some crazy people with potential! WE HAD 2 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH YESTERDAY! That is indeed a tender mercy from the Lord. We have been struggling with that so much for this transfer, and we were so blessed yesterday. Emily came to church and said “She had a lot of fun, and it was nice”. The only thing is…she’s a little socially awkward…so we’re going to work with her on that. Haha. She has a date for June 30th and is looking very solid. She might have Law of Chastity issues…this could be fun…Mark is the other investigator that came to church. I don’t know what it is about Simcoe, or us, but we teach quite a few drunk people. And they still read the Book of Mormon…and come to church! He has some severe addiction problems, but we’re going to help him with that. We were walking through the park and we taught him on a park bench! It was sweet…besides the fact he was drinking a beer while we were reciting the First Vision. But it’s cool. It’s cool. He’s going to be baptized. Our other investigators are wishy-washy. Meh. We’re working on them.
We actually are doing exchanges tonight! We are going to be going with the Sister Training Leaders. I will be going to Brampton (big…city…ack!) with Sister Tofa and Sister Wester will be staying in the Promised Land with Sister Sutton. We are very nervous, probably because they’ll be reporting on everything to the “big guys” (a.k.a. Mission President). And we have to do a house inspection…and a car inspection…pray…hard… haha. 🙂 I’ll let you all know how it goes next week.
1.  What has been different than you expected about serving a mission? 
The exhaustion. Both mentally and physically. I knew that it was hard work, but I never expected to have blisters pop on your feet, and for them to bleed. And then to feel so much grief and disappointment that you feel as if you can’t feel anything else. And all you want to do is go cuddle up in a blanket with hot chocolate and slippers. And yet, you still move on. And you still find that little ounce of strength and faith that there are people out there. And you push through. And then the Lord pours out blessings upon you, and you finally realize what it is all about. It’s about love. Love for the Savior. Love for this gospel. Love for this people. And once you realize that, any sacrifice is worth it.
2.  Do you get copies of the Ensign to study/read?  Do you each get a conference edition?
We do…but they are not “ours”. They are the apartments. I read some talks from the General Young Women’s Meeting…and it was WONDERFUL. President Uchtdorf and his “journeys” was especially comforting to me. I love the gospel! Haha. Just thought I’d throw that out there. 🙂
I’m still working on that other question. I’ll get it answered eventually.
This week I have been reading about the war chapters in Alma. Can I just say…I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON?! It’s like a movie…but better! Moroni, Helaman, Teancum, Lehi, Pahoron…they are all just so cool! I really love the examples that they set for all of us about persevering and enduring to the end. They also learn from their mistakes.  In Alma 60, Moroni writes this really condescending letter to Pahoron and is super rude about all of their circumstances and what not. Pahoron just promptly forgives him, tells him the situation, and asks for help. Moroni is like “My bad…” and goes to help Pahoron out. These men in the Book of Mormon were human, yet they still had so much faith and courage in their God that nothing could waver them. That means that their tenacity and faithfulness is possible for all of us! We just have to want it. I know that I want it. I’d also like a sword…and a title of liberty…but that might never come. 🙂
Anyways, I gotta go. We have to go clean our house. I. Just. Love. Cleaning. So. Much. 🙂 Happy Birthday to everyone this week! I hope that you days are wonderful and that you eat lots of cake! I’m thinking of you from Canada!
I love you all to Kolob and back! 🙂
Sister Colvin
p.s. You know when I was talking about eating hot chocolate in bed? Ice cream does the trick just fine. 🙂 I even ate it in my sleep. Boo. Apparently I talk A LOT in my sleep…and Sister Wester records it…and makes me do things such as eating ice cream in my sleep. And dancing on the bed. And going to get her water. It’s ridiculous. I think it’s the stress. HAHAHA. At least that’s what we’ll say it is right now.
p.p.s. I LOVE YOU. 🙂

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