Fighting the good fight!

My wonderful family, friends, and lovely people that I have never met,
I am so excited to be here in Simcoe! I know that transfers were a little while ago, but I really am so grateful to have been entrusted with the care of these people in this area. The Lord must trust me, because this area is a special place! I know that there have been times when I have been discouraged over the work (who knew that opening a new area would be challenging…?) but I have always known that I am meant to be here. I know that I was supposed to be Sister Wester’s companion.We may not know the reasons now, but we will someday. We’ve had quite a few struggles, but we have always worked it out. This branch needed US to help them in their missionary work. I know, without a doubt, that I am meant to be here. How comforting that is to me!
This week has been a wonderfully, amazing, painfully depressing, uplifting week. Kind of ironic, eh? We’ve had so many wonderful things happen in this area. We found 2 new investigators (Jenna and Emily) who have both accepted dates to be baptized! They are really solid investigators. Our other investigators are doing well, they are just “slow cookers” and it might take them a while to commit to a date. We have done SO much tracting/contacting/finding this week. Probably the most that I have done thus far on my mission. It’s been insane. For example, we didn’t have any appointments yesterday…and so we had SEVEN hours to go find people to teach. Hallelu. We made it fun, though. 🙂
I have really seen the Lord’s hand in my personal life this week. As some of you know, I’ve been disappointed in others’ decisions recently. It’s really upset me, and I was being affected by it. But, I turned to the Lord. I asked him to remove these feelings from my heart and my mind. I asked him to help me more fully focus on the work, and not be worried about people that I am close to. What could have torn my heart up…uplifted me! I know that the Lord is aware of each of his children, no matter what point they are at in their life. He loves each one of us, and he wants each one of us to be happy and find joy in this life. No matter how much people hurt us! Turn to the Lord, he knows best! Alma 7:12.
Question Time!
Does the humidity affect my hair?
You bet it does. My nickname is “Ms. Frizz”. So not cool. Sometimes I wish that I could just be bald and be socially acceptable. Hair is so over-rated, eh?
Am I still doing all of the driving?
Yes. And I drive a lot. I get kind of sick of it sometimes, but it’s cool. I feel really bad for Sister Wester, though. Because she is supposed to be driving, but because of a long-standing ticket in the States, she can’t. It’s been difficult to get past. I LOVE OUR SUBARU. I want one when I get home. Ha. We’re so spoiled.
A scripture this week that has strengthened me? Alma 7, Doctrine and Covenants 10:4, Phillipians 4:13, ALL OF THE SCRIPTURES. haha.
I can’t answer the last question this week. I’m going to have to think about it, and I am almost out of time. 🙂
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE! I love you all, and I hope that you have the best day ever! I’ll be thinking about you from Canada. I also sing Happy Birthday to you as well…from Simcoe…haha…I’m a little weird. Just know that I am thinking about ya’ll!
Anyways, my time is running short, just know that I love and care about you all. And, if there is one thing that I know in this life, it is that this gospel is real. If I don’t know anything else, I know that God is there. And that this is Jesus Christ’s church once again restored to this earth by a prophet of God. I know this is true!
Love you all forever and always,
Sister Colvin
p.s…I love you….
p.p.s. I love letters…and I’m selfish…send me letters! 😉

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