Silly Canadian weather….

Dearest family and friends,
Again, for the second week in a row, we are left with half an hour to email and write. It’s challenging because I don’t really know what to focus on and what to say. My mind is in a jumble at the moment.
The weather in Simcoe is HUMID. And then it gets freezing. It varies between the temperature of the Arabian Desert, and the North Pole.     ……    I have no further comments.
Our investigators are doing really well, they are all just struggling to keep commitments. Nobody came to church yesterday. It was not cool at all. Sundays are the most stressful days of the week. There is a reason P-days are on Mondays. 🙂 I really don’t have much to say, other than please keep praying for these wonderful children of our Heavenly Father.
1.  How does the Sister Missionary Leader thing work in your mission?
There are 6 Sister Missionary Leaders in this mission. They are in 3 companionships, and are in different areas of the mission. They are primarily responsible for attending the Missionary Leadership Council and training other sisters by helping them with their personal struggles and needs. They also go on a lot of exchanges. 🙂
2.  When have you felt the most joy in the last 3 months?
When I completely recited the First Vision in a lesson. I felt so happy, and I felt so much peace and warmth. Of course, there are many other times where I have felt SO much love and joy, but that’s just the experience that sticks out to me.
3.  What is Victoria Day and why is it a national holiday?
Canadians and their holidays. They have a huge national holiday about every month. Canadians like to party. We think that it was Queen Victoria’s birthday…she’s only been dead…for…I don’t know how many years. Canada is strange. 🙂
4.  What is the hardest thing you have to do every day?
Probably wake up half an hour early every morning. haha. I need my sleep, man! Also talking to mean people…I don’t like that…
Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE! There are many birthdays this week. Happy Birthday especially to my wonderful little brother, Caleb! I can’t believe that you are 10 already! I hope that you all have a wonderful day!
Doctrine and Covenants 10:4. I love this scripture. It talks about how we should not run faster than we have strength for. I know that the Lord knows each of us, and he wants us all to succeed and try our hardest, but he doesn’t want to burn us out. Try for achieving the best possible, and if that doesn’t work out, try again and press forward. Don’t beat yourself up over the little things. The Lord WANTS US TO BE HAPPY! How do we be happy? By living the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I know that this gospel is real! I know that God lives and loves each of us. BUT, I do also know that Satan is real. I know that he wants to conquer each one of us. We can make the choice to chose whether or not to choose (literally) good over evil. I KNOW THAT THIS CHURCH IS TRUE. I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I have prayed and received direct answers to my prayers. Yes, I don’t have the answers to everything. But I do know that this is real.
I love you all! Happy Memorial Day!
Sister Colvin

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