Flushing the teaching pool…..

My dearest family, friends, and whomever else is reading this,
Greetings from (what Sister Wester calls) the promised land *cough* Simcoe! Simcoe was having beautiful weather…until our Mother’s day calls…it was snowing, hailing, and the wind was blowing mightily. It is SO cold. We were so mad. We had to put our tights and coats back on. So not cool. I seriously believe that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor.
I loved being able to talk with my family on Mothers day! You are all so amazing, and I love you very much. It was difficult for me as well at the end of the call but, It’s almost like a band-aid that you got to rip off, you know what I mean? Back to reality. 🙂 I am very glad that the technology was working okay, just next time, I would love to be able to see all of you and not just the side of Mom’s face. You have a very lovely face, Mommy. I MISS MY TESS. Okay. That’s over with. We see some mean dogs (a couple have tried to bite me…but not Sister Wester…what’s up with that?), and Tess just holds a special place in my heart. As does my family.
This week was absolutely crazy. Actually, all weeks are absolutely crazy when you’re a missionary. That is something that I never expected would happen. Everything was going to go exactly according to plan, and everyone would be baptized, and come to the appointments, and not give us attitude? Right? Riiiight. We have dropped 10 investigators this week. 😦 The two most heartbreaking ones were Emily and Ward. Emily told us that she didn’t want to meet with us. She was raised Catholic, and did not want to be baptized. And she does not want to read the Book of Mormon. She was supposed to be baptized yesterday. Sad day. I think that she is not ready. Someday she will be. Whether in this life, or the next, I don’t know. Ward was anti’d by his father (who is a pastor). He came to church yesterday (which was great) and then he came to our gospel principles class. He made some comment about women, and how they can’t hold the Priesthood. Sister Wester was then like, “Oh no. I don’t think so. Let me stun you with my awesome speaking abilities”. He apologized after that. He also told us that he doesn’t want to meet with us. He won’t continue to read the Book of Mormon. It was really sad, because we didn’t even get to teach him a lot, because all of the discussions we had were centered on Anti. And how all of those crazy things work. Like the levels in the Celestial Kingdom? And Polygamy? And “skin of blackness”? Bah. I hate Anti. And I don’t even know half of what he’s talking about. He also has great potential, and I think that he will find the truth and happiness someday. Maybe in 10 years he will pick up a copy of the Book of Mormon and really start to read it. I know that he will receive an answer someday. Also, that guy who had his records removed before he could get excommunicated? Yes. Not so. President Hernandez told us after the call that he found out from Salt Lake that he had been excommunicated. Why do people lie about things like that? We’re going to find out eventually. That guy is a tad (okay…a LOT) creepy. He is moving away from Simcoe though, so all is well. 🙂
Question time!
1.  If you were to have a change at transfers, what would be your ideal?  Would you want to stay and train?  In what area of your mission would you love to serve?
If I was to have a change at transfers…I honestly have no idea. I like being in a smaller town, you get to know the branch better and you *tend* to meet nicer people. But nothing against big cities. I would LOVE to become a trainer. But I don’t think that I am ready for that yet. It might take a little while before the Lord trusts me enough with another missionary. I love Simcoe. I really do. I have grown so attached to the people, and the wonderful investigators that we do have. That is a stinky thing about serving a mission. You form these close bonds and relationships, and then you have to leave. 😦 I would love to serve anywhere in this mission. But I am not going to lie…I would die if the Lord called me to Toronto. PEOPLE SCARE ME.
2.  Would it be best to send birthday/Christmas stuff to the mission home?
It doesn’t really matter I think. It also might depend on how soon you send it and stuff like that. Because I wouldn’t want it to hit that awkward, “Am I being transferred, or what?” time…
3.  How are your shoes holding up?
My flats have seen better days. But I love the tracting shoes that we got at TJ Maxx. They are really comfortable. And I have a sweet tan line. Yea for the sun! (But not humidity…blech)
4.  When have you felt the most joy in the last 3 months?
I will have to think about that one as well. 🙂 I will answer next week!
As Mother’s day was yesterday, I’ve been thinking a lot about my Mom. Mommy, you are such a wonderful example to me. I love you so much! You have definitely raised me in righteousness and helped me become the young woman that I am today. You are so amazing! ❤
I found an awesome scripture this week during personal study!
Acts 17:27- “That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us.”  How comforting is that? If we seek the Lord happily, we shall find him, because he’s not far from any of us! The Lord wants to bless us and he wants to help us out, we just have to seek him first. I really want to apply that scripture more to my missionary work. I need to always remember that the Lord is with me always, and that I should always seek him. I know that the same is true for all of us! The Lord is with you! You just have to seek him first! That’s not too much to ask, eh?
Well, another week gone. Next week is transfers, and I am not going to lie, I am pretty stressed out about it. I really don’t like change. But, it’s part of life, and I need to get over it. I might not even move out of Simcoe. I just hate the anticipation, you know? However, I know, that the Lord is going to put me where I need to be. With what companion I need to be with. And what people I need to teach. *deep breath* Here we go!
Well, I haven’t even started my laundry yet…which is a big no-no. haha. I guess it’s time for me to sign out. Just know that I am always thinking about you guys, and I pray for you every single day! You guys are wonderful examples to me in my life! The church is true! This gospel is real! I love my Savior! I love being a missionary! And I love..YOU!
Much love from Canada,
Sister Colvin

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