God loves EVERYONE

Dearest family, friends, and wonderful acquaintances of mine,
Simcoe is beautiful! I haven’t really ever lived in a place where there are blossoming trees and green everywhere! There is quite a bit of humidity, that can get very uncomfortable. I’m such a baby when it comes to heat.
We had Zone Conference last week…which was absolutely incredible! Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy instructed us for about 4 hours. I learned so much about how to work with less-active members and how to be happy with myself and the efforts that I am making. Elder Johnson talked a lot about thoughts, and how our thoughts can either uplift us, or bring us down. Those that bring us down are from SATAN. God doesn’t want us to be down on ourselves. He wants us to recognize our mistakes, repent, get over ourselves, not have a pity party, and move on. We are the master of our thoughts, it might be difficult at first, but we can control our thoughts and always keep them upbeat, positive, and wholesome.
We have had a decent week here in the Simcoe area. It has not been the best week, but we are pressing forward, because we know that the Lord has mighty plans for this area! We have a new Investigator named Pierre Ferron. He was a fighter and has been in trouble with the law many times. He is a recovering alcoholic and is going through recovery. He doesn’t read or write at all. We ordered the cd’s for him, but the Zone Leaders accidentally left them at the office, so we are trying to read with him and help him gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. He is from New Brunswick and speaks fluent French. He is also very….uh…”French”. He’s left a couple of messages on our phone…that have been questionable…haha. We quickly told him that he cannot call us ‘sexy girls”.He realizes why we are here though and he is interested in learning more! Nevertheless, we always take a priesthood holder with us when we teach him. He is progressing very well and praying daily to know whether or not what we are teaching him is true. Another investigator that is not progressing anymore is Ward. His father is a pastor, and has given him Anti literature to read. It is really sad because we feel that he has so much potential, but now he is hung up on these negative things that his dad has told him. We have talked to him about “by their fruits ye shall know them” and how he can find answers to his questions through prayer and reading the Book of Mormon. We will teach him one or two more times and if he is not progressing, we may have to drop him. We are no longer teaching Blondel or Neville. They are not ready yet. 😥
What two things have you learned since being on a mission that have changed you the most?
1. God Loves EVERYONE. Every person that we talk to on the street, tracting, or whatever, I just feel this overwhelming love for them. Even if they cuss us out, are completely drunk, or are a tad bit scary. God loves ALL of his children so much.
2. It’s not about me. If I have the Spirit with me, and I try valiantly to share it with others, everything is going to work out. The Lord is going to put prepared people in our path to talk to and to help them come closer to Christ. I have nothing to do with this work. It is all the Lord’s work!
What do you miss most about “civilian life?”  What do you not miss at all?
The radio. I just love jamming to music in the car, and singing at the top of my lungs. I also miss naps. And hot showers. I really don’t miss the “drama”. Yes, there are some crazy things that happen on a mission, but it’s not focused on “This boy didn’t talk to me. I’m depressed. I got a bad grade. Boo. Now I am going to go drown my sorrows in texting people and eating chocolate”. When you’re a missionary, you focus on how you can bring these people closer to Christ, how you can better have the Spirit to be with you, and what you can do to be a more effective instrument in the Lord’s hands. I love it! How often do you have District/Zone Conference?  What are they like?
We have District Meeting every single week. Zone Training every month. And Zone Conference every other transfer. Missionaries just basically gather together and learn more about how to work better with the members and investigators. We role-play quite a bit, and strengthen each other through experiences. Also, it’s nice to make friends. 🙂 Has the new email policy made is easier or harder for missionaries?
It’s a toss-up. Now you want to email everybody! But…you gotta keep focused on emailing family and President Scott. 🙂 I email Elder Shumway, and Merritt on a regular basis. Not long emails, just for encouragement, you know? Because, missionary work is hard. If you didn’t already know that… 🙂
I’ve been reading about some pretty awesome missionaries in the scriptures this week. Ammon, Alma, Amulek, Abinadi, Moroni, they were all so cool! I can’t wait to meet them someday. In Alma 26, Ammon is glorying in the Lord! He is bearing his testimony of faith and how God has power to do all things. In verse 37 it says, “…God is mindful of every people, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people, and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth…”. What an amazing statement that is! God is mindful (that means that he KNOWS) all people, whatever land they may be in! It doesn’t matter if the people are in Canada or the Phillipines! God loves all of his children!
I’m so glad that Skype is going to work out! 🙂
I was wondering if you could procure for me some emails and addresses of people that I haven’t been able to contact. Lizzy, Laura, Camille, and Erin. 🙂 Thank you very much!
Anyways, I love you all so much. Keep reading and praying! God loves you, and so do I!
Love forever,
Sister Colvin

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