More investigators….

NOTICE: This email is not going to be as long as the others. We are going shopping in Hamilton today. 🙂
My dearest family, friends, and random people that I’ve never talked to,
Simcoe is humid. I hate the heat. Bleh. My skin gets so clammy and wearing make-up is a shady situation. It probably doesn’t help that I wear cardigans all the time…but Sister Wester is working on that. 🙂
This week has been a week of miracles. As always. When are there not miracles in missionary work? We found 3 new SOLID investigators this week. Nikki, Derek, and Chris. Nikki was someone that we met on the street. She is a recovering addict who is very open to reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. She accepted the invitation to be baptized and she is really looking forward to when she receives an answer for herself! Derek is married to an active member in the Hamilton Mountain ward. She (and him) attend regularly, but they are in our area and are going to start coming to the Simcoe branch. We just straight up asked him why he isn’t baptized, and he was really open to learning more and taking those steps. Chris is a little  bit of a miraculous situation…he removed his records from the church about 15 years ago. He was married to a lovely member…and then she cheated on him with a member in the bishopric. Crazy stuff. He kind of lost his faith when no disciplinary action was taken and they both still had their temple recommends. He has a recent history of selling drugs, and has been down somer ough paths. Anyways, The church gets a call during sacrament meeting from him, and he wants to come back. He realizes that he has made a lot of mistakes in his life, but he is ready to feel the Spirit again in his life. He is really awesome and almost cried when we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. He is such a geniune man; with so much potential. We are ecstatic to be able to work with him towards being baptized again. 🙂 We might be dropping Neville–WHICH MAKES ME SO SAD–but he is not keeping commitments. James is also not coming to church. We do not know if they are ready for this message,yet. We will know more next week.
Question time:
How much time do you actually get to read/write letters and emails?
Basically as much time as we need. We usually spend about an hour and a half on the computers, and then go home and write as many letters as we like. 🙂
Did you ever get a package from Nana? 
Yes, I did! It was absolutely wonderful! Tell her thank you so much! Thank you to everyone that sends letters and packages. It really means a lot to us. Thank you Mommy and Daddy for the “cream cheese”. It came on Sister Wester’s birthday, and we’re both in awe. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It means the world to us.
What is a typical P-day like?
We study in the morning, and then go to the family history center to email family and friends, then grocery shopping…then whatever we want to do. We’re going shopping in Hamilton today…which is about an hour away…yea…?! Because I love shopping so much? 😛 🙂 Who, in the Book of Mormon, is your hero?
I have recently been reading about Abinadi and Alma. Their faith and courage astonish me! I mean, Abinadi gets up in front of a king and gives him the what-for. “You gotta repent, man!” I really admire that strength and courage. I know that we all can have that if we pray for that to our Heavenly Father. He will bless us with that gift, because I have seen that, especially while I have been on my mission.
I will have been on my mission for TWO MONTHS this week. Can you even believe that? I can’t. Time is moving so quickly…and so slow at the same time. The days seem like months…and the weeks feel like days.
Some of you…*cough* parents *cough* have expressed concern of me “sugar-coating” my emails. False. I don’t type anything that is not true, and I tell you all the most important things that have happened to me. Yea, there are some things that I’m not going to tell you…because they might scare you…or the details are not very relevant at all. Just remember that I always write what I am feeling, because I want everyone to know the ups and downs of serving a mission. It is NOT easy. At ALL. But it is so worth it.
I’m so sorry that this email is so short, we just have to get running. Just remember that this gospel is REAL. God is so real. He loves each and every one of us, and he wants us to be happy and find joy in life. How do we find joy? By living the gospel, reading our scriptures, praying, and going to church. Those things might seem insignificant but I KNOW that they are essential to our happiness while on this earth.
I love you all, and I am so grateful to call you all friends. I’ll be thinking about you from Simcoe, Ontario this week, eh?
Love forever,
Sister Colvin

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