Hannah’s Random Tips for the MTC

1) Bring shower shoes…it’s really disgusting! Hair is EVERYWHERE.

2) Bring a shower caddy that you can just grab and go.

3) Bring a lanyard…they don’t sell these at the MTC.

4) Buy laundry detergent at the MTC. Don’t waste space in your luggage.

5) Bring your own food. (She’s being sarcastic!) The MTC food is like a 19-year old boy’s dream. Fried EVERYTHING. Eat the ice cream on Sundays and Wednesdays….you might not eat a lot in between!

6) Soak in everything. And take LOTS of notes.

7) Relish in the Spirit that the MTC holds. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed…it’s not worth it.

8) Write and tell me how it goes!

I love you all,

Sister Colvin



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